The privileged

Have you ever come across a situation where you always end up finding that the younger or the youngest is the privileged one?

Some of us fall into that category often. Others, like me, do so rarely, but there is always this younger one who seems to be the apple of everyone’s eye. Its adorable to watch somtimes, but most of the times, your blood boils looking at the evident partiality and all that crooning and cooing for this  younger one!

Well, I am a person who is plighted to witness this biased treatment at home, every single day!

He is, undoubtedly, the most privileged – let me repeat – most privileged in my house. People fight in my house to take care of him, to feed him and to ensure he is bathed. Well, quite an endless list there!

My family, un-apologetically practises this extremely biased treatment towards this “younger” one and its sometimes quite a sight to see how much command this little guy has on this house. Even my dad, undoubtedly the strictest in the house, thaws at this little guy’s whims and fancies. Coming back from Bangalore for the weekends, this is one sight that surprises me – of how this tiny one, wagging its brown/black tail at me every morning seems to be the actual star in this house!

Caesar (a.k.a Cheecharu), my 10-month old German Shepherd is the newest member in the house and hence, the most loved one. He is everyone’s favourite and not to mention, gets all what he wants either by barking, wagging or whining at the top of his lungs. His paws wake me up almost every morning because though i dont, he has a routine! He is also too possessive when it comes to neighbours and also neighbours’s kids and crows! Yes, crows! He hates crows more than he hates cats!! Wait, but arent cats and DOGS supposed to be the natural enemies? Shouldn’t someone be telling that to Caesar?

Not to mention, my parents are the proudest to have such an obedient and quite disciplined kid now, unlike the other two human kids they brought up until last year!

The names, oh the names! Caesar is called the most funniest, weirdest and cutest of malayalam words that my mom could dig out cause she found they were adorable enough to be used to call a dog! Caesar is called – kunjappoo, kuttusee, undapri, chuttapri, babloo, cheecharu, kunjaa etc, among the other instant ones that get triggered when my mom sees this guy  wagging his tail and running towards her.

Also, his indecency displayed in breaking pots and vases and pulling out plants in the house is rewarded by a word of caution of no treats for the evening (like he cares!) and also sometimes by a whack (depending on how badly my dad’s nap was disturbed) and a shower of words that is used to scare if kids in primary school, to which he listens quite patiently like he understands every Malayalam word!


Thus starts my endless tales on Caesar, which we titled as “Caesar Puranam” (epic in English), which my mother never ceases to call both of us and narrate every evening when we are not at home!

We wake up to “Ceeeesaaarrrrr”

We go to sleep to “Goodnight cheecharu”

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