Amidst Nature’s ghosts

Towards the lullaby of the waves and the calling of the setting sun.
The days were set and the time was right. We were packed and prepared. A fruitful planning which started almost 4 months back.
The curvy roads didn’t bother me. I was used to the twists and turns and the toppling of bags. Of the smell of the wind on my hair with the windows rolled down
It was almost twilight and the night sky was looking it’s best as if to impress us and wave us off a great start. Stars lined up as if in a parade and moonlight shone across the path.
It was a brilliant start.
Bereft the worries of life, we happily sang and played until sleep slowly shackled us. The night was getting darker.
Cloudier it got as we moved into the woods. Scared I woke up, gripping my half open window sill. I straightened to see if the stars were still bright and shiny, but they had lost their charm. The night was still getting deeper.
Slowly, but steadily, the darkness crawled deeper into the woods. As the bus took the sharp turns with no lights to guide the way ahead, I saw the ghostly trees waving it’s sinister branches. Terrified, I held on tightly to the little piece of metal my hand could grab. The night was still getting darker.
I crumbled inside, feeling vulnerable, scared and lost to the darkness. The trees with its dark tresses welcomed me out the window and i was scared they would reach in and pluck the life out of me. They seemed to be the Messengers of Darkness trying to dim the light that still shone there. I felt incapacitated as I looked out to see if humanity still thrived in those scary woods. Stripped of lights, houses and any signs of inhabitation, the woods seemed to have been blessed by the dark Lords. It’s droopy branches and pallidly brown leaves shocked me as the manifestation of ghosts themselves.
For the first time in my life, Nature beheld my fear.
Until we reached the sandy beaches and the waves kissed their welcome songs at out feet, the memory of that horrific night stuck to me like a dry leaf that doesn’t fall off.

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