Cafés are always the place for a quick catchup, a short update and even a puff or two together with people who can manage to be free for that. A quiet evening at a small cafe seems like the best beginning to end the day. And all the more better, if it’s a Friday.
I like watching people in the evening, when life seems to have calmed down for a while for those lucky few. Not in the morning, not at night, but only the evenings. That’s when people begin to evaluate their day, how things have been so far and how they might turn out to be later. Thats when they get a stability about this short period, called a day. That’s when people are most calm, not being a part of the morning or late night’s traffic, dinner plans, parties, wrap ups and deadlines. Watching people in the mornings are never a happy sight and that’s basically because people tend to be cranky and cross if they’ve had a bad start.
But once it’s almost mid eve- that 5-5:30pm of the day, that’s when they seem most carefree. Happy. Content.
Seeing such contentment makes my day and that’s what triggered me to take this step of writing my blog after this whole time!
Thanks for keeping a tab, my dear readers! Need some motivation to keep my thoughts coming!

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