The smell of oil drifted in the air, an old talcum powder clicked open. Her long wet tresses had made a tumble down her right shoulder, making a wet trail down her red blouse. 

She lightly shook the droplets from her hair before she began drying it with that old cloth. Once done with that, she proceeded to tidy up her ever-compelling face. Adding that black line under her eyes was her favourite part. She made a subtle but thick stroke down the lines of her wide eyes with the Kohl that was made of the purest oils and camphor. She softly pinched that red color from her cube-sized box and brought it to her forehead. She studied her face for a long time in the mirror. Man, red was just her color. 

She was a goddess in front of every man. Incomparable beauty matched with the perfect curves that would shame even the fully bloomed flowers. The mighty rivers could hide their falls in front of her flowing tresses. Her ankles wore the most melodious music, tapping to the rhythm of the way her bangles swayed with every movement of her hand. And her eyes. No man could, but look more than once. Such depth, power and passion lay within them.

Unexplored, she was. Her name was Seduction.

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