After life

She believed in destiny. She had always believed it to be good to her. And she believed in love. There, her wonders started.

She believed in their togetherness. She believed in little fights and hearty laughters. She wanted to sit under the tree on a warm summer day and talk about their stories. She believed in them growing old together. She found beauty in their love and a future in their promise. She wanted to take it in, one at a time, feeling the calmness of a solid presence next to her, the warmth of a hug and the passion behind a kiss. She wished they would be the eternal stars, brightening the night sky, watching over souls lost in love and discovering each other more through that. 

She had always believed in their future, of them growing old together, of going through all that life had laid in front of them. Hand in hand. Complementing each other’s presence. She thanked the stars that brought them together and promised to keep her promises for them till death do them apart. 

Their love was her strength, her blessing, her future. Her afterlife.

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