The Glow that stirs

The beach, the waves and the sunset.

What more can a Kochite ask for when she is bound to experience the real kochi feel?

On a clouded evening, the breeze carried with it the smell of rain, the rain that kisses the salty sea water before it merges with the sand on the beach. Like a lover telling his beloved that he’ll be back soon. One cannot, but be stirred by such deep imageries of nature.

The heart that misses had become even heavier  on such an evening. As ships moved across the sea and into the open waters, I longed for a journey that had been due. I longed to step out and feel the ocean breeze on my face and hair and the saltiness on my lips. I felt the need in me to venture out of my cocoon ad experience the world around. I wanted to be daring and wander along like the sailing ship, watch the dolphins squirt i mid-air and all the other wonders at sea.

For once in my life I wanted to be aimless.

Then came the moon, disturbing my train of thought. The moon always pulls me up like it does to the waves. The tiny rounded cloudy mass of whiteness that emitted so much power and positivism, caught me its embrace. And I went back to being that child again who wishes to hold the moon in her tiny fingers. I wanted to keep that light of energy with me forever, for it felt like my lucky-charm.


And so I did. I captured the glowing moon digitally and here I am sharing it with all of you the energy that keeps me up and going. The white light after the sunset. The Moon.


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