They were Ancient

The moonlight glistened upon them and the stars were delighted to see them together. But, they weren’t.

What they once shared was no longer there. She purposely darted her eyes when he tried to look into them and he made sure their fingers never brushed when they both bent over to take their cups of coffee.
She wondered what she had seen in him initially that made a sweet ache, a trigger deep inside. She even wondered if he was thinking the same thing. As now, it was even impossible to imagine that they once thought of living together, of being a family and making one. A year had diminished their love and destroyed their friendship. They have now outgrown each other and they didn’t wanna go back to where it all started. That’s why they chose the coffee shop when they decided to meet again. It was a safe place, though it was night time.

She was immediately sure that after that deemed day, things would never go back to the way it were. But, he kept trying and it hurt her to see him struggle to save their sinking ship. She never even looked back, but made sure he was already in the life boat. He had to move on.
She didn’t want him to search for her. She wanted him to end this struggle once and for all.
She was jerked back to reality by his voice. She heard him say that her coffee was getting cold. She murmured an inaudible thank you and sipped at it. Yes, it had. So had their relationship.

When they bid goodbye, with not a word spoken in the whole of sixty minutes that they sat at the coffee table, he wondered why it had ever happened. He wasn’t regretful, but disappointed about the ending. She had turned into a hard rock, he mused. Well, so had he.

They realised that day that some things had to end so that some beautiful things could begin later. They both had found a different beautiful path, with nothing mutual.
They promised to be in touch. They both hoped it would never happen.
And the stars still shone and the moonlight glistened.

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