48 hours and more

For one last time, their eyes locked before they turned and walked their separate ways. And the smile still twinkled there, in those gorgeous pair of eyes.
She looked at him for one long moment, before the tears wrenched her apart. She never wanted him to leave. The time they spent together had been the most beautiful start to her year.

The wait had been really worth all her efforts. Her best had already come to her.

She’d absorbed everything. The way his eyes glowed when he remembered. The way his mouth moved when he spoke. The  pride she felt when he held her hand.  The  strength she felt when their fingers interlaced. The comfort zone that immediately developed when he was around. How his thoughts flowed clearly when he expressed concern and care. The softness with which his lips lightly kissed her forehead. She’d wanted to remember every bit of it until the next time.

She wasn’t best at saying goodbyes. So, when she found her voice, all she managed to say was ‘ I’ll miss you’ which was an innocent and sincere cry from her heart. She then ran across the pathway in the blazing sun as he entered the gate for departure. Once again she turned around, knowing that he would be waiting for it. 
And there, her phone beeped and she heard his muffled ‘ I love you too’. 
He always knew exactly what she meant.

If 48 hours could change nothing, but create everything, she just couldn’t wait for an entire lifetime.

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