The Fleeing thief

Yes, it fled. Like every other materialistic object. Time for once did not seem immaterial to me- I could touch it, feel it and remember.

Three years of my under-grad hostel, Chennai life got over so quickly that I’m sitting down here, breathless, trying to help the realisation sink in that I have actually grown three years older in this city.
I was a part of the city and the city was a part of me. And so have the people I met here.

As I sit down by the window pane in my #38 room, alone, tired and contemplative, I found I need to let out what I actually feel towards some amazing girls who made me what I am at the end of three years.

First, my roommates for all the three years- Lakshmi and Salini for being the really amazing roomies I could ever get. I would always look back to our own special moments in the room, which I will always hold close to my heart, particularly the number of times I won catch-and-catch the night before the exams! 😛 my other roommates, Bavithra and Aparna, you guys have played a major supportive role in my life. Thanks a lot!

Ankitha- she has been my special friend since day one and has remained so till date. From being class reps in the first year to the association secretaries in the last, we have seen it all and survived till the end. Thanks for being the supportive self and being my best companion till the end. It had been an eventful three long-no, short years here with you and you did play a major part with your selfies 😛 Well, you and I know it extends beyond a few clicks on the camera, don’t we? And I’m sure it doesn’t end anywhere here. Misunderstandings don’t declare the depth of friendship, they just make us better individuals. And I guess I can call us the best example for that.
I’ll miss you, kutta.

Not to miss out on my amazing seniors Annu, Unni and Srilaxmi. I really run out of words when I think of the few, but memorable days we’ve shared. You guys are already missed badly.

GS Family- No other word than family describes what you guys mean to me. All the seven of you, Sai, Nitisha, Chiranthana, Ratna, Ramya, Keerthana and Aparna are the best girl-gang I’ve ever been part of. For a moment, it actually felt weird to call you by your first names, there.
Touchwood, to our year-long attachment and true friendship. Some really happy memories have been made in my life with you guys being around. I will never forget the clothes we shared and the accessories we borrowed 😛 In short, Bangalore days! 😀

My favourite faces in class, Manasa, Stuthi and Taruni. Finally, some fun was due in college and the five of us were the answer to my question. Thank you so much for your irritating talks, terrible singing and stealing food. Of course, the last minute in depth discussions on a question that never came for the 20 marks, we expected it for. That really made my day! 😛

To the best gift of the year for me- Svara.
You are the only person whom I regret for not meeting earlier. Your friendship has influenced me a lot and I feel elated when I think about how close we have become in too few months. Thank you for being the best listener, my adviser and for tolerating all the nonsense talk I have with you. I feel proud to have known a person who shares so many of my own tastes, opinions and ideas. I respect your talent and worship your dedication.
Stay in touch, love. I’ll miss you.

To all those people who have played a role in my Chennai life, you have defined a phase in my life that I will never forget. You are now a part of my history.

I guess it’s time I realise that today is the time for the lasts, for never will I make such memories again and never will I be part of an amazing three-year journey that just seems complete.

Chennai, you will be missed.


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