Imagine and not conceal

Conceal– Imaginative response to this prompt

A concealed mind once let out a deep sigh.

Frustrated it was, for having been hidden beneath the surface. This wasn’t were it belonged, it new right from the start. But, the owner had no other choice, than to keep it sealed from the rest of the world. It wondered why people ridiculed its thoughts, called the owner a fool for speaking out what it made him feel. It wasn’t nice to hear people call him brainless when it was right there all along silently asking him to do exactly what it instructed him to.

He was confused now- it could feel it. He was going through the dilemma of revealing to the world what his inner self directed him. But the poor soul, concealed his mind, shielded his true identity and hid his potential from the world, fearing that he would be laughed upon. He could not take defeat, the mind knew. And it kept murmuring to him that it would not disappoint him in front of the world. After all, they had been together since birth and it knew exactly how he felt for everything.

Though it coaxed him into believing that those people were brainless and will never know anything beyond what they see, the owner never truly believed its words. Though he  was sure his mind knew beyond what he saw and and felt, he failed to let this realization sink deep in him. No, all that lay deep down in him were the memories of his terrible childhood that made him do the distressed task of covering himself up from the world. He justified himself on the grounds of protecting his fragile heart.

“Save at least the heart, because your brains are never gonna come to your aid”, mocked his friends.

It felt weird, sensing his unhappiness for such pathetic comments from his peers. It could not bear it any longer, because the mind believed that it had to try.

‘After all, trying wouldn’t hurt anyone’ , it convinced him.

And finally, Thomas Edison decided to listen to his mind and let his imagination take the journey forward. Inventions after inventions, the world looked up and applauded him like never before. A concealed mind, thus brought out flying colors from within a young boy who was considered too dumb to be in school by his tutors.

After all, society can do nothing more than be judgemental.


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