Prized possession

When life almost seemed to depress me over and again, I found truth. I found purity and saw sincerity gleaming in those wide eyes. Her company I craved and her frankness I loved.

She was a free bird and I yearned to take life in a stride like how she did. Emotions never failed to dance in her eyes and the unmasked brutal frankness she expressed always made me build up a huge castle of respect for her. She was definitely not someone with the I-don’t-care attitude: It was her experiences that made her one.

She was strong and carried an aura of positiveness around her that was difficult to miss. And I didn’t miss it too.

As days went by, meeting her during the course of the day was what I always began to look upto. I never have to fake, think thrice before speaking nor wait till she realized I was actually uneasy. She never missed it. I never have to shrink myself in front of her.

Until then, I had to wait to be noticed and remembered. Until then, I had always thought about how miserable I felt in a crowd of girls who plastered themselves with a string of words, which I lately recognized as lies. I wasn’t happy until I realized that there could be people like her along with a few others who could relate to me and show me what strong bonds of friendship two girls who were initially strangers could build.

As my grad life almost comes to a close, I’m thankful for this one person who has been the best gift this year has given me. She has been the perfect example of a friend who stands through thick and thin.

Her joy has now become mine and her tears too.

Her friendship has given me the strength to look up and believe that there are good and sincere people around. To trust and to be trusted. To love and to be loved. To share and grow. Together.



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