She was the enemy.

She was there. Her presence irritated him now. It irritated him more than the buzzing of the mosquito. It annoyed him like anything, even worse than an uncanny talk that had left blanks throughout.

She was a stranger to him. All signs of love, affection and friendship had vanished. No, he was never close to her. He was just a convenience. A convenience to cover her crimes, to speak up for her, to guide her when she was clueless, to suggest the best for her and to post pictures with. It had always revolved around her and he was being shadowed. And like a trusting fool, he let himself be overpowered. He was always right when he argued with her, but she could never see it that way.

Her presence irritates him now as he realized what he had to compromise with for her. She was never loyal, truthful nor trust worthy. Well, maybe it was because he expected too much from her which she was never worthy of giving. Maybe it was his mistake too. No, he was no longer ready to blame himself for this as he had always done. This was just not his fault, but the outcome was. When he realized he was being demoted to being just a companion, he wasn’t shocked. He knew it all along, all too well. He was never considered despite all what he had done for her. She never stood by his side, despite all the lies he had said to cover her up in front of the society.

She was rude, arrogant, proud, dominating and disloyal. Well, loyalty is something which can be attributed to just dogs now. She was detestable and everybody else noticed, except him. He was being used at every step of the journey and he made myself vulnerable to such experiences. He couldn’t plant his feet firm and say “NO” to her. Also, he didn’t want the world to see how much he suffered. He was weak to portray myself as weak. But it has now turned to a case of discovering what he had actually let people do to him, mentally. And the first word of realization came down shrieking- “hurt”.

She is still there, around him as a looming darkness with a fake smile. She is there, close by, with negative vibes to pull him down and drown him at the bottom of the sea. She was there, at a hand’s distance with her unmasked jealousy that made him feel even more depressed. He knew her presence next to him was just not because of her affection, but just to take a front seat to see his downfall. Her helping hand was there just pull him under.

She was there around. She was the enemy in him.

And thus ego and disloyalty ended their 15 year-long marital knot.


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