Story of an ancient mystery


Second Time Around” in response to this prompt from February 5th.

This just makes me sit down, read, read and read till the last page. Yes. And I don’t think I would stop at two. I fell in love with the star-crossed lovers from Shakespeare’s famous tragedy who found another life through Anne Fortier’s “Juliet”.

There had been books that had caught my attention and made me want to sit down and read them twice. But, nothing crosses the high probability that “Juliet” holds on me. Whenever I’m confused about what to read during leisure or otherwise, there is just an image of a thickly-bound, lightly yellowish paperback that comes to my mind- Juliet.

When I’d picked it up during a book fair, it had never occurred to me that the book would take me on a long journey to Italy’s Siena and most importantly, on an interesting time travel, back in history. To the 1300s to be exact.

Well, its definitely not a book that talks more about Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in a different way. It goes way back in history with its protagonist Julie Jacobs finding the key to an ancient family treasure hidden deep down in the city of Siena, pulling her back into history until she finds that her ancestors are part of Shakespeare’s well known love story, Romeo and Juliet and that she, is a direct descendant of the actual Guiletta (Shakespeare’s Juliet). As she moves deeper into understanding what happened to her parent’s fatal car accident, she realizes that she is thrown into a vicious circle where power, wealth, greed and history merges to form an inescapable trap around her until she finds the treasure that rightfully belongs to her family and saves everyone from the ancient curse of “A plague on both your houses…”

The story is beautifully interwoven in the city of Siena which still stands tall as an ancient milestone of Italy’s civilization with capturing imagery and mind blowing descriptions fused into reality. The book has been loved into existence as has been the characters in it. Descriptions are never vague, turning pages do not become a boring exercise and you don’t read Juliet just for the sake of it. You read Juliet when you want to transport yourself into the past, learn about what roots have caused your existence and discover that love can happen in a strange and enthralling way.

Yes, because love always comes first and then you learn to live.

I recommend this book to everyone who loves Romeo and Juliet, is interested in getting yourself glued to turning pages and believes in true love, even after centuries.




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