Missing story #123467748863983…..

My first prompt try. Thanks to Daily Post’s “My Favorite” for letting me try to write on this prompt.

Well, when exactly was the last time I missed him? There were many last times and it’s pretty difficult to stop at one!

I couldn’t rest! My hands kept pulling the ends of the t-shirt he had given me. His favorite and now, mine too. That huge smiley face at the center with nothing more than an expanse of faded whiteness around. I knew just well why it was his favorite! It was mine, because it was his most-preferred. I drank in the feel of the cloth and consoled myself with the thought that I’d finally gotten hold of something which was his. Other than his heart, of course! ❤  Something I could touch, feel and hold. Something that would actually help me feel him beside me, drink in his scent and convince myself that this missing would in fact, end one day! This was exactly what I needed till the next time I saw him. It was my precious gift- what I would hold close to my heart and to which I would never let a fleck of dust cling.

And that day, I clung to it. My fingers wrapped around the edges of the fabric as we both turned our backs on each other and walked in the opposite ways- he to the Departures gate and me, out of the airport. I couldn’t hold the tears, but I couldn’t let him see them. They were the power of my emotions strangled within me that day, waiting for that moment when I would unleash them. I couldn’t turn around and look at those beautiful pair of eyes that followed my path till the moment they disappeared behind the crowd. I couldn’t look at him and let the realization sink in that those two wonderful days had finally come to an end. My fantasies had become a reality and I was crazily missing him. I knew it the moment I saw that face, when I saw those eyes reading everything that i was trying to hide, judging every movement of my lips, feeling every ragged breath i took and waking every nerve that was latent until then.

I walked out, not thinking about anything else but the call he gave me moments back. And I heard exactly what I wanted to, without skipping a breath. My eyes were clouded and thoughts, more so. I feebly asked the employees there for a way out and silently made my way to the station.

I walked alone and I missed him even more, like no one ever would.


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