The Nicest Rude place to be

It had actually never occurred to me of how rude people could turn out to be in the end. And you have to be that extra bit careful while dealing with them again(hopefully not!) Well, rude is not the right word. Maybe I can take the liberty of taking it up to ‘Arrogance”.

Yeah! Now that’s more like it! Sounds cool? NO? Well… it certainly isn’t! To be at the receiving end of all that haughtiness, time and again is definitely not cool.

People have always intrigued me- their actions, words, mood shifts and more of that. And I rarely find them stable these days. (Well, it wasn’t like I’d given much thought to stability myself, prior to this!) Its so difficult to find a person not just with a mature character, but a mature and stable one at that. Shifting opinions, showing their damn diabolic tails, lies and more lies seem to be the only solution to problems all around. It might even seem like there cannot be a way out without framing a lie. And these lies! What do they know about hurting another person? Do they feel? Do they care?

For that too, there would be just lies! Insensitive and unyielding like a bitter syrup. It just lingers there for that extra minute to bother you and make your nerves throb out of that irritation. I know I might sound like an authoritative and experienced person speaking. But hey! Its me and I’m worthy of 2 decades of life to my credit so far. But experiences. Yes, I would contently add a tonne to my credit.

I can add them like coins to my wallet or stamps to my collection. But, they turn out to be the dust that clings to my shirt, unattended, but still there, leaving an unwanted dirty trail along and up until it stops.

Experience has taught me not to trust people as their opinions shift, minds change, feelings fade and promises break! Hope experience does teach me the other side of the story, too. Maybe in less than 2 decades? Well, I wouldn’t wanna wait for long to be proven wrong just in this case though.

Now it does feel better! You know, writing does the trick always.








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