Firsts are the best!

Traveling by oneself is a different experience altogether. And thats exactly what I did today. 
An hour long journey and I never got bored. Of course, my phone was my constant companion. Being in the midst of one of the busiest and unhygienic place, it does take a great deal to travel in the sub urban trains of Chennai. The heat defeats all your intentions, the dirt drowns your sense of beauty, but travel I did. It sure was my first and best experience. 
Faces kept coming in between my road. Some smiled, a sly, irritating one, some looked down and others checked me out. Well, one has to be very cautious about what one wears to the local stations. The lesson was learned already, so modesty was my wear. Without a company, I looked around freely, absorbing the real element of my place. I wasn’t in the mood for conversation and neither was I obliged to make one as I traveled alone. I was free and surprisingly, I felt comfortable in the midst of loneliness.

Stations passed by quickly and I never noticed. I was preoccupied with my job of observing people. Some dozed off silently, others had earphones plugged into their heads. Some others were busily reading the newspaper, guess household work left them no time to that! I was fascinated by the usual scene in trains-women screaming loudly into the mouthpieces of their mobiles as if the whole world was theirs and however loudly they spoke, it seemed as though only the person on the other side would listen. People also came around selling articles-both handmade and traded, screaming again in the toppest their vocal chords would allow. That was what I hated about this place. The noise, the screams and the dirty bitching the vendors do if you pass by them without buying their produce.

Why had it never occurred to me that traveling, and more importantly, traveling alone, could actually help me to unwind and look deeper and closer at the world that thrived around me? Yeah, that was maybe because I never gave it a shot until today!
        The memory of the journey still brings a smile to my face, a quick pulse to my veins and color to my cheeks. It’s not always that you do something for the first time. That first is always, the best.


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