The dark night

Her eyes flew open as she realized that time had flown.  The dreary night, turned sultry and sometime in between that, she fell asleep.

The touch was momentary first, a soft, small trace over her arm. Her nerves tensed and she jerked minutely when he gripped her arm and pulled her close. She somehow felt she had made herself accessible. Vulnerable. 
The predatory flash in his eyes turned into decision and warmth with her continued stare. His eyes were a shade of dark amber, liquid now, just like hers.

She let herself get trapped in those strong arms that offered safety. Yes, insecurity was something he never let her feel that day.
Her skin melted like butter when his lips lightly brushed at the base of her throat. She drank in his scent and the feel of his fingers along her jawline. She shivered lightly when he kissed her at the corner of her mouth and felt the smile of content that made him curve his lips for a second. Before he covered her mouth with his, he gave himself the satisfaction of gazing into those wide, brown, powerful eyes which he so preciously admired and silently told himself that he would never leave her. No, he corrected himself. He could never leave her. There was a promise, a bonding – intangible, unsaid, unexplained, but understood.

She opened her eyes and felt his presence like she always did when she woke up at such odd hours. Lonely, drained and weary eyed, she realized she had been dreaming about that first most beautiful moment with him, yet another time.

A dream, that was all it was. Nothing more.

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