Random writings

When the flowers fell and the smell died, she did not wonder. When the wind whispered at a sunset and the waves wrote the message on her feet, she didn’t notice. At last, only when he turned and walked away did she realise. Her promonitions had come true and this she could not accept. She could not live with the fact that feelings would fade and people could change. 
Those days held the best memories for her  and she was not ready to part with them, to say a quick goodbye forever. 
When did it all turn upside down? She wondered aloud, but was surprised that it was just her late realizations that caused her so much pain. She refused to believe when it was obvious; consoled her confused heart that things hadn’t gone out of hand.

But now, when the dried flowers smiled sadly at her dismay and the wind whispered its humming lullaby into her ears, all she could do is scream inside, crumble up and push herself into a nut-shell and disappear forever.

She was hurt and pained.

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