Perceptions (first post here)

A photograph says it all.
A candid smile, a suppressed laughter.
Excited soul behind those deep set eyes
Words unsaid, but understood.

Nothing can be more subjective, more personal,
Nothing can be more expressive and visionary,
Than a picture that says more than what it shows.
Making us believe to look deeper and discover.
A smile, a tear, a snort or an angry groan.
Sulk, sorrow or a wonderful shine.
Moments build them up, memories save it all.
And the present is all that can be held dear,
Every second, minute and hour,
Passed once, becomes a memory
And the faces too, more or less.

I wondered why
Sorrow finds me a good partner, 
The words I write, grief-sticken.
And pessimist
Hey, but that’s not who I am!
But then, why?
Asking myself gave me no response.
So, photographs I hunted.
To perceive and interpret 
To understand and change.

Warm smiles and happy laughters evaded me,
It was all a masquerade.
No truth, but just a perception.
A facade, I believe was all that was there in the ones pictured.

Then, I realized what was missing
What was empty and incomplete.
It was me.
Monotony and complacency had replaced my gaiety,
Deceptions troubled me, changed me and lied to me
Unaware, I transformed.

What could I possibly change? 
A probability struck me; showed me a way to instill a change

I took out a camera
Set its lenses, adjusted its focus.
Corrected its exposure and lights.
Gave in no zoom and filters.
I clicked.
The picture looked raw, blunt and naked 
And i was happy and content.
‘Cause I didn’t make a change to what was already there, 
But the change stirred inside me.

I changed, my perceptions.

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5 thoughts on “Perceptions (first post here)

  1. Hi,

    I came across this quite by an accident. As photographer and lover of words there is a lot of things in these words that I can find myself in. Kudos to the great work. This is the definitely the stepping stones to your masterpiece I am sure.

    I would like to point out a few things that I feel could have given this a different appeal.

    The first one being trying using a bit more flamboyant words. There is beauty in simplicity I agree but beautiful poems demands beautiful words.

    The second one would be that you one does not groan when he or she is angry. Groan is a words we use to describe a sound that escapes us when we are in pain or suffering.

    I would suggest a bit of restructuring like ‘Warm smiles and happy laughter evaded me,..’ could come before ‘But then, why? Asking myself gave me no response…’ because that would give it a better flow to the part where you think to yourself and the part where you hunt down the old photographs. It gives a better coherence in my opinion to the whole story that you depict.

    I think you meant ‘content’ instead of ‘contempt’ in that last stanza..;)

    And you might want to avoid words like ‘Cause or ‘Because’ because they frankly seem very rudimentary and breaks the beauty of the whole setting.

    I know that I must look like a know it all snob from all the criticism that I have done. I just thought I should express my views not because I am great at this but because I enjoy good writing. I sincerely think it is a great start that you have made. I wish you the very best. Take care


    1. Thank you so much fr ur valuable comments. I’ll definitely take your points into consideration and try to improve my writing.
      Thanks a lot for spending your time to read my work.


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